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2021 Award Winner Announcement!

Leadership Behavior DNA won the 2020-2021 Reviewer’s Choice Awards in two categories:

  • 1st Place Gold Award in the Self-Help category
  • 2nd Place Silver Award in the Business/Sales/ Economics category

Read more about these awards on the Reader Views website.

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New Interview Clip – “Why is behavioral adaptability necessary for leadership?”

Interview Clip – “Why did you write Leadership Behavior DNA? 

Podcast Interview with Adam Torres on “Money Matters” Top Tips – Listen on their website below. 

Lee Ellis – Money Matters Top Tips with Adam Torres

Watch the replay of the webinar “The Competitive Advantage of Managing Behavioral Differences”.

On your own time, learn about harnessing and managing unique people difference to maximize individual, team, and organizational success and productivity.

Lee and Hugh share their combined 45 years of real-world examples and workplace experience helping millions of clients understand themselves and their teams.

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Hosted by DNA Behavior International

Book Review – Reader Views 

“The authors [of Leadership Behavior DNA] have done a fantastic job of taking a complex topic and making it readily understandable. I felt like I was being gifted with an expensive leadership course. The sooner that this knowledge is accessed and assimilated, the better it will be for the business world!” – read the entire book review here

Business Spotlight – Atlanta Business Chronicle

DNA Behavior International – New Product Offering

DNA Behavior International Blog Article 

“Natural Behavior in the Crucible of POW Life”

– A Veterans Day Tribute Highlighting Lessons from the Camps – Read Now

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