What Others Are Saying 

“The authors [of Leadership Behavior DNA] have done a fantastic job of taking a complex topic and making it readily understandable. I felt like I was being gifted with an expensive leadership course. The sooner that this knowledge is accessed and assimilated, the better it will be for the business world!” – Reader Views Book Review

From the Book’s Foreword –

“In over 30 years of my work in the fields of psychology, human development, and learning, I’ve witnessed the tremendous growth and insight we have today in understanding the unique ways that humans are wired and develop.

The promise of growth through adaptation offered by Ellis and Massie [in Leadership Behavior DNA] is not meant to be fulfilled from an armchair embrace of a good read. Yes, this book is a good read. No, actually it’s a great read. The words easily lift off the page and flow into the mind with sincerity and conviviality rarely encountered outside of conversing with family and friends. In fact, as I was writing this foreword, I shared the concepts in this book to a group of colleagues, which led to a spontaneous two-hour conversation about their own personal journey to become better leaders! I believe that readers of this book will respond to become better leaders—with the opportunity to be known as ‘great leaders.’”

– Andrew G. Stricker, PhD, Sr. Advisor, Human Development and Learning, United States Air Force


“Lee Ellis continues to honor the ethos of service, first in his own leadership and then in his passion to teach others. His military experience—and his years of captivity in the Hanoi Hilton—gave him a deep foundation of strength, resilience, and wisdom. His dedication to writing is yet another act of service, from which we can all learn.” — Jim Collins, author Good to Great, co-author Built to Last


“…There are few that have made significant strides on making ‘knowing yourself’ operational and real as Lee and Hugh have in this marvelous book. Reading this book is a compelling adventure. If you follow the path, you will change for the better!” — Richard Boyatzis, Distinguished University Professor, Case Western Reserve University, Co-author of the international best seller, Primal Leadership and the new Helping People Change


“This is the book that I have longed for during my decades in managing talent, and Lee and Hugh have brought the two together with a clear and action-focused model. Having seen the positive impact of DNA Behavior on my teams, this is a must-read for leaders who desire to build strong teams by accelerating natural talents in an authentic and lasting way.” – Belva White, CPA, MBA, Vice President for Finance & Treasury, Emory University


“Hugh and Lee’s book is an insightful and inspirational read for everyone who has a passion for leading and developing people, and guiding change is the ultimate leadership test. I highly recommend this book as a practical guide for leaders who are trying to build a high-performance business.” – James A Combs, President and CEO, National Advisors Trust Company


“Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie have crafted a powerful how-to manual for leaders and those who aspire to lead. Their science-based insights will help readers maximize natural talents, overcome struggles and discover their most rewarding career fit.” – Stuart Parker, CEO, USAA


Leadership Behavior DNA has been such a valuable discovery process for me and my team’s personal awareness and cohesiveness. If you apply the principles and insights in this book, you will gain a competitive edge in the marketplace that will yield long-term dividends for you and the people that you serve.” – Nancy Richardson, CEO, SAS Shoes

Leadership Behavior DNA provides a great framework for helping leaders develop themselves and their teams by identifying their strengths and struggles. The ten minutes it takes to complete the assessment will be best 10 minutes anyone has spent to improve their leadership skills and enable teams to reach their full potential.” – Ralph de la Vega, Chairman of the De La Vega group, Former Vice-Chairman of AT&T Inc., and the author of Obstacles Welcome


“[Reading Leadership Behavior DNA] exceeded all of my expectations! If you want to leverage your natural leadership strengths in order to build strong trusting teams, as well as create a dynamic culture around you, this book is a must-read!” – Gerald V. Goodfellow, Brigadier General, USAF (Ret.), Executive Director, Louisiana Tech Research Institute


“The book moves the needle on the need for personal behavioral self-awareness to how you deal with different styles. Until now it has been hard to adapt that knowledge for disrupting how we lead, perform, and relate with each other.” — Raghu Misra, CEO and Founder of Wired2Perform, Jacksonville, FL


“Building a healthy team and company culture has been the heartbeat of my work over the last 33 years, and Leadership Behavior DNA is a must-read primer on the validated, scientific process to help all leaders learn the soft skills of managing diverse talents and differences.” – Dee Ann Turner, Former Vice President, Talent and Vice President, Sustainability (Retired), Chick-Fil-A; Communicator, Consultant, Coach, Dee Ann Turner LLC


“The insights in this book are like drinking at a well. You can return regularly to draw fresh insights…This book is a must if you are interested in understanding your own talents, behaviors and leadership style or how to bring the best out in any individual or team.” — Malcolm LeLievre, CEO and Founder of Brilliant Fit, Melbourne Australia


“In Leadership Behavior DNA, Lee [and Hugh] give us the tools to understand others so that we can intentionally and empathetically impact both culture and performance. Putting them into practice has made me a better leader and better human being.” – Kathy Schwaig, Ph.D., Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Kennesaw State University


“I highly recommend this book to every leader that realizes that they can always become better. It’s the perfect resource to gain a deeper understanding and be able to lead your people to greater results. This will absolutely change how you lead and change your organization.” —Debbie Gordon, CEO of Cloud Range Cyber, Nashville, TN


Leadership Behavior DNA is a must read for today’s leaders who need to attract and motivate future teams” – Mary C. Kelly, PhD, Commander USN (Ret), Author of Who Comes Next?: Leadership Succession Planning Made Easy


“This book draws out that focusing on your strengths alone is not enough. The reader will learn about the relevance of managing struggles, as they are strengths overplayed that can quickly derail performance. You will receive Lee and Hugh’s coaching tips on how to capitalize on your strengths and manage your struggles. I highly recommend this book.” —Tobias Maag, CEO of Sencopar, São Paulo, Brazil


“I’ve used DNA Behavior® in my counsel to CEOs and boards. The approach and principles Lee and Hugh speak to in this book are on point and highly relevant in understanding and optimizing relational and results-based leadership. You will refer back again and again.” – Tony Mitchell, Founder TMLeadership LLC, Speaker, Board Member and Advisor


“[Hugh and Lee] help bring more science to leadership, which begins with understanding one’s self. It provides leadership tools and learnings that will help you lead better on all fronts of your life; business, personal and family.” — John Bly, Principal of LBA Haynes Strand and Board Member of Entrepreneurs Organization 2016-2019, Charlotte, NC


Leadership Behavior DNA is a road map to aid in the growth and development of a high functioning leadership team. Having personally seen the impact that Lee and Hugh can make in an organization really excites me to get my hands on this dynamic leadership tool.” – Billy Sims, Sr. Vice President, Policy Administration, Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company


“The world of business needs authentic leaders at all levels. This book defines the characteristics of great leaders, and you’ll be inspired and surprised. But above all, you will be grateful you read it. I highly recommend this book.” —Steve Mintz, CEO of PG Wireless, Atlanta, GA


“Fantastic read! This is the culmination of years of work on human behavior curated in a fascinating and inspirational manner. Hugh and Lee unlock the code to understanding your own leadership style and then how to lead others in the most efficient and effective way for top results.” — Dana Bradley, Principal of Performance Holdings, Board Member of Entrepreneurs Organization 2017-2020, Charlotte NC


“Once again, Lee [and Hugh] have created a framework that will help us as leaders to challenge ourselves to improve no matter how experienced we are. These real-world insights will help leaders continue to strive to be better tomorrow than they are today.” – Carol Burrell, President and CEO, Northeast Georgia Health System


“Thank you, Hugh and Lee, for an actionable and inspirational guide to understanding and leveraging hardwired leadership behaviors. We all face a vast amount of change and complexities, and this book is an important guidebook to help thrive and lead while life happens.” — Susan Bradley, CEO and Founder of The Sudden Money Institute, West Palm Beach, FL


“In leadership development classes, I tell participants that ‘If you cannot lead yourself, how can you lead people?’ Lee and Hugh have mapped the DNA to understanding your leadership traits, and every leader must read their book.” – Dr. James T. Ward, Facilitator and Manager for Leader Development Programs, Naval Air Systems Command (NavAir)


“If you want to understand how successful teams work, how your leadership impacts them, this is the book for you. Insightful and practical it spells out the importance of understanding different behaviors and how to self-manage. Highly recommend this book.” —Rick Kent, CEO and Founder of Mentoro, Atlanta GA


“If your approach to leadership includes making others better because of your presence, then you really need to understand WHO you’re leading. The practical models in this book are powerful in understanding your people. These models are essential to success whether leading in your home, your business life or yourself. I highly recommend this book.” — Brian Brault, Global Chair of the Board of Directors, Entrepreneurs Organization 2017-18


“Your team deserves a leader who understands team dynamics and has the tools and ability to bridge individual differences to build sustainable unity and trust. Lee and Hugh have combined their experience with research and delivered a guide that is realistic, practical, easy to understand and implement.” – Dan Olson, Vice President, Armament Systems, Northrop Grumman Corporation


Leadership Behavior DNA is a compelling read and is essential to developing higher levels of leadership performance; within oneself and throughout an organization. This manuscript serves as a model for affecting leadership,  and it’s a must read for those interested in taking leadership to the next level.” – Steven D. Allen, JD/MBA, Head of Aviation, QBE North America


“Hugh and Lee’s book is a must read for those with a passion for leading and developing people. The practical approaches will change the way you work, the way you lead, and the impact you have on the world.” – Clayton J. Delaney, CEO, Black River Wealth Ltd.


“This book reminds all leaders of the critical importance of continuous learning. Between the lines of this well-written text and practical approaches are insights to the value of attentive listening, thinking before acting and the demand to maintain your awareness of the situation and yourself. A great addition to any leader seeking to make greater impact!” – Craig Pfeiffer, President & CEO, Money Management Institute


“An eye-opening read for unlocking the mystery to fulfilling your God-given potential by discovering the keys to maximizing human performance for achieving personal, team, and organizational success.” – Michael Beduze, CEO of Davinci Global Consulting


“Leading and operating from an understanding of natural, hard-wired behavior is the hidden competitive advantage in developing a dynamic people culture—the kind of culture that attracts and develops great talent for the benefit of the organization and the individual.”  – Warren Rustand, Summit Consulting Group, Dean of Entrepreneurs Organization Leadership Academy, Former YPO Chair, Tuscon, AZ


“An excellent book addressing the need for leaders to first identify and address their strengths and struggles in order to best motivate others within their organization. I plan to share this book with all our employees as a tool for growing our future leaders in our company. This has the makings of a best seller!” – Mike Santiago, President/CEO, Polaris Aviation Solutions


[Leadership Behavior DNA] is a brilliant framework for exploring the harmonious balance needed between the key orientations of results vs. relationships. Lee and Hugh’s combined and diversified understandings and experiences have brought an urgently needed synergy for leadership wisdom and success in developing talent and managing differences.” – Archie B. Carroll, PhD, Scherer Professor Emeritus of Management, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia


“Having seen LBDNA in action across several organizations, I truly believe it is a phenomenal framework for organizations to learn how to successfully grow together. And the benefits were immediately apparent in every team that I witnessed. Another great addition to my organizational behavior toolkit!” – Dr. Robert H. Lass, Colonel, USAF (Retired), Director of Education, Louisiana Tech Research Institute


“This book draws out that focusing on your strengths alone is not enough—struggles must also be managed. By reading this book, you will receive Lee and Hugh’s [valuable] coaching tips.” – Kent Gregoire, CEO of Symphony Advantage and Master Key Executive, Boston MA


“The book offers a very well-balanced narrative which presents concepts, fundamentals, scientific studies and the authors’ extensive experience in a very straightforward way. And, it equips us to manage both sides of the behavioral coin, enabling us to achieve outstanding performance. It is a true masterpiece for leaders and people who aspire to lead in any type of organization.” – Adriana Prates, CEO and Founder, Dasein Executive Search – Brazil