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The following free downloads are mentioned in the book and available to help you apply what you’ve learned.

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Self-Assessment Worksheet

Mentioned throughtout the book, this worksheet is designed to help you gather information on all 8 Factors and 16 Traits of your natural behavior that you will use in completing your Personal Development Plan (PDP).

Personal Development Plan (PDP)

After reviewing the results from your Self-Assessment Worksheet (or your Leadership Behavior DNA Assessment), you can create your Personal Development Plan using this document.

Fun Team Performance Report Analysis

Mentioned in Chapter 23 of the book, this additional report is an actual team that we’ve trained in the past, and it will serve as a good case study for your further
exploration of team dynamics with DNA Behavior.

Relationship Essentials Summary

This document provides a simple quick-glance summary of the ideal work environments, connecting points, and managing points for each of the 16 Traits.

Courage Challenge Card

Mentioned in Chapter 24 of the book, this small card is designed to you navigate challenging conversations by choosing to appropriately engage in productive conversations rather withdrawing from them or dominating them.

The Honor Code

Mentioned in Appendix B of the book, this list of 7 core behaviors was created as a response to those individuals and leaders seeking to live with character, courage, and commitment in daily life.

Download a Book Sample

Get a quick overview of the book and how the Factors relate to one another.