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Understanding Natural Behavior is Today’s Hidden Competitive Advantage – Grounded in statistical research and supported by data from millions of clients and more than 45 years of workplace experience, Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie reveal their personal stories on how they’ve successfully helped organizations achieve their goals by applying practical insights on human design.

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Regardless of the size of your team or organization, the DNA Behavior Discovery Process includes the assessment and a suite of available reports (including the Leadership Behavior DNA Report) and digital reporting options to make behavioral data practical to “Know, Engage, and Grow” every employee, advisor, and client. Startup and Enterprise training options available.

What Others are Saying

    “Lee Ellis continues to honor the ethos of service, first in his own leadership and then in his passion to teach others…” — Jim Collins, author Good to Great, co-author Built to Last

    Jim Collins

    Author, Good to Great, Co-Author Built to Last

    “…There are few that have made significant strides on making ‘knowing yourself’ operational and real as Lee and Hugh have in this marvelous book…”

    Richard Boyatzis

    Distinguished University Professor, Case Western Reserve University, Co-author of the international best seller, Primal Leadership and the new Helping People Change

    “This is the book that I have longed for during my decades in managing talent, and Lee and Hugh have brought the two together with a clear and action-focused model…” 

    Belva White, CPA, MBA

    Vice President for Finance & Treasury, Emory University

    “Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie have crafted a powerful how-to manual for leaders and those who aspire to lead…” 

    Stuart Parker